To: to Human Rights Council of the UN (HRCUN)

Brev , Meddelanden
Needless to say, HRCUN is aware that on Sunday, Sept. 31 of this year the Ashraf Base of PMOI in Iraq was targeted by the Iraqi Military Forces. As a result of this premeditated murderous attack 52 members and/or associates of the said Organization were slain. Further to the obvious high number of casualties, a number of the afore-mentioned people have been reported to have disappeared with no trace so far.

This attack has been rightly condemned by human rights and refugee rights organizations, including the UN. Again, needless to say, HRCUN is aware that this attack has a long precedent of several similarly intended and equally heinous criminal acts – different only in form.

The Iraqi government has claimed the cause of the killings to be internal fighting between the residents of the base; whereas the residents have not been armed to have caused each other gun-shot wounds! Only one evidence suffices here to prove this inhumanly deprave statement as a lie is that the victims were for the most part assassinated at point blank from behind the head, while handcuffed! Believing this lie leads to accepting the implicit bizarre lie that the previous several such tragedies have all been self-inflicted wounds! In general, all evidence testifies to the truth of the claim that members and/or associates of PMOI based in Iraqi camps have during recent years been treated in ways and forms quite comparable to what was suffered by the victims of Fascist camps and various forms of pogrom during WW ۲.

We, at IFIR, are thus convinced that it is far from enough to just condemn this latest crime against, indeed, humanity. IFIR, therefore, demands that the UN investigation teams be appointed and organized to review the case, and report their findings to the people of the world as expeditiously and efficiently as possible. The commanders and executing agents of this broad-day crime, whoever they might turn out to be as the results of the fair and transparent due process, must stand trial before an international tribunal. Furthermore, we suggest UN plan and execute a 6-month schedule for transferring the residents of Ashraf and Liberty camps to safe places, and undertake their complete protection meanwhile.

Abdollah Asadi
International Federation of Iranian Refugees

mars 10, 2018


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